Letterhead Design, pictures, envelopes and FREE door hangers

Receive All the Designs

You will be ready when they lose a tooth!

Use our templates or write your own!

Fairy Size!

Includes all the pictures and envelopes!

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  • Because your little ones can lose their baby teeth at any moment, you will have all you need when they come to you with that little tooth in their hand saying, "Look!" Then they can use their FREE door hanger, to ask the Tooth Fairy to stop that night.

    Free signed pictures

    Each package includes pictures and envelopes

    Different pictures with loving messages

    Fairy size pictures


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  • Free Door Hanger

    a FREE door hanger with every purchase

    The front is a chart to keep track of the lost teeth dates

    The back is to ask the Tooth Fairy to STOP at your house

    Tooth Fairy design


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