• Receive 5 Designs

    This package includes 5 different Mini Letterheads, 5 different Mini pictures, and 5 Mini envelops.
  • Real Fairy Size

    5 sets of Fairy letters (3.5 x 8), pictures (2x3), and envelopes (3.6 x 2.1).


Amazing Flexibility

A huge number of possibilities, limited only by your imagination. Write your own by hand, select one of our templates, or type your own text.
(Type or Voice-to-text from your mobile device)

You can also download the templetes and type in different languages.

Ease to use


Beautiful! Colorful! Fun Graphics! The package includes 5 different mini letterheads, 5 different mini pictures, and 5 mini envelops -- you choose how to use them.

You can also download the templates and type in your own language.



Your order will be in the mail within one week of your purchase and you will have all you need for the moment you need it! Although most children lose their first tooth at 5 or 6, some start as young as 4, and others won't get to meet the Tooth Fairy until 7. Your child will usually be the first to know when a tooth is loose because they can feel it moving. Most kids are very proud when they have a wiggly tooth and will want to show it to you.